Child Education

Due to lack of School Fees, Over five million Ugandan children of school-going age have dropped out of Primary School


Due to the high levels of poverty, parents cannot afford to serve their children proper meals three times a day

Girl Child Empowerment

To unleash their potentials from being victims into leaders walking in the fullness of their potential


Host Annual Conferences to address the challenges, answer questions in the lives of the youth.

Heart to Heart Ministries Uganda

We are a team of dedicated Christians determined to take care vulnerable children and the girl child who are desperate and hopeless with no one taking care of their needs.

To restore hope to the hopeless and give them a chance to live a meaningful life. Vulnerable children and the girl child remain among the poorest and the most vulnerable people in society.

Heart to Heart Ministries is a registered Non-Governmental organization that operates in Uganda with a targeted focus on Education, Girl Child empowerment, Feeding and Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare and preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among the vulnerable children

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Leka Tuziimbe-Let’s Build Project

This project proposes to enhance the basic education of children in mainly on Zzinga Island, where Glory of Christ is running a local branch church, but lacks both a primary and a secondary school for continuous education services, the school will serve several other surrounding Island communities and in total will serve approximately 1200 families.

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