Girl Child in Uganda

In Africa, girls still undergo female genital mutilation and 80 percent of girls in rural Africa don’t have access to education, the reciprocal relationship between low health, education and employment indicators still hinders their productive potential, they are forced into early marriages leading to teenage pregnancies and young motherhood; and they also engaged in risky behavior which jeopardizes their lives and further hampering their ability to have a better future. Thus becoming subject to a violent encounter and addicts to drugs, alcohol and sex. Although these girls currently live in situations that give them little hope for a bright future because of poverty or marriage at a young age, they have dreams of becoming educated, independent women who can effect change in Uganda in a variety of ways.

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Uneducated girls are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancy, child bride, targeted as sex workers, raped and exposed to HIV/AIDS, and other health complications. If all girls received education, the frequency of early births would drop and child deaths would decrease. Educated girls are likely to postpone marriage to an age when they are well prepared mentally.

You can promote sustainable, community-driven change programs through Heart to Heart Ministries Uganda, by working together with us to support the education of the girl child and Mending broken hearts. Promoting Equal Education for Girls Maternal and childhood health monitoring Ending child marriage, dowry and other harmful cultural practices Girls' smile is fading… Educate girls and empower the nation. Educate a girl child and brighten the future of a country. Let a girl child be empowered with proper education. Educating a girl child in Uganda is very necessary to remove various social prejudice and bias against girls in society. Girls are treated as load and taker of money by the parents especially in the rural areas. Boys are given much value by the parents in Uganda as they are understood as earner of the money and support of parents in future.

Adult youths and young mothers

There is an over whelming number of female adults youths that have not been able to attain education and others have attained to a certain level but dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. When unable to attend school, most of these girls end up in early marriages and others get pregnant when still teenagers. Most of these early marriages are not successful, so they are forced to go back to their homes where they are at times harassed. These girls have no education, no practical skills and jobless. They are unable to take care of their children; they end up becoming a burden to their families and at times social rejects. Heart to heart has come in to intervene in this desperate situation by equipping these young female adults and young mothers, by restoring their hope through encouragement, counseling and equipping them with practical skills like tailoring, jewelry making, carpet weaving, hair braiding and saloon, hand bag making and many other skills. Heart to heart has been able by the grace of God to sponsor some of these girls to tailoring schools, cosmetology schools. After school, these girls are able to find what to do or even start their own businesses from which they are able to earn an income to meet their needs.

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