Heart to Heart Ministries Uganda

To restore hope for the hopeless and give them a chance to live a meaningful life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are team of dedicated Christians determined to take care of the vulnerable children ,and the girl child who has no one to take care of .To restore hope for the hopeless and give them a chance to live a meaningful life. Vulnerable children and girls remain among the poorest in society. Heart to Heart Ministries is registered Non-Governmental organization that works in Uganda with a targeted focus upon Education , Girl Child empowerment ,Gospel preaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and Healthcare

Heart to heart ministry was started in January 2012 due to the increasing number of vulnerable children without help. There are very few programs in Uganda that take care of the vulnerable children especially the girl child, that is why many of them have ended up doing petty jobs like being house helpers, working as bar maids, serving food with local food vendors, some have gone to the extent of being sexual workers which is very dangerous to mention but a few. All this is done at a very tender age. The boy child that has not been attended to become thieves, hooligans, drug addicts and completely unruly. They also stand a chance of contracting HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases since they engage in sexual activities at an early age as a way of pleasure. The aids pandemic has robbed many families of their mothers and fathers who would have helped them to cater for their basic needs, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically leaving them completely with nothing to look up to but only ending up with miserable lives. The number of children dropping out of school and others totally unable to obtain any education level is overwhelming. We therefore call upon you to stand with us in this noble cause.

Why does Heart to Heart Ministries exist?

The ministry benefits children between the ages of 4 to 25 years in the heart to heart three centers that is Zinga Island and Kyeeyo in Wakiso district and Kawaala in Kampala. Heart to Heart train the community especially the local and religious leaders on how to support vulnerable children and the girl to make them resourceful by empowering them with the necessary practical skills.
There are many issues which affect children especially those in rural areas simply because of the environment and world view which is definitely not conducive for them to picture the future in a positive way especially the girl child. They are easily enticed by village boys and men that always are on look to manipulate them for their sexual pleasure.


  • To give hope to the vulnerable children especially the girl child by providing them with the necessary education more so practical skills which can help them achieve their dreams and have a bright future
  • To train the girl child with practical skills and record keeping and management of small business
  • To value and support girl child to enable them realize their huge potential to lead active, health and secure lives


Mending the broken hearts


To provide the best care for the vulnerable children and highlight the future of the girl child



Heart to Heart Ministries Uganda

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