Leka Tuziimbe - Let's Build Project

This project proposes to enhance the basic education of children in mainly on Zzinga Island, where Glory of Christ is running a local branch church, but lacks both a primary and a secondary school for continuous education services, the school will serve several other surrounding Island communities and in total will serve approximately 1200 families.
Basic education for the young generation is the backbone of the community therefore it is viewed as a human right since education contributes to the reduction of both absolute and relative poverty. Basic education, in particular, helps to alleviate poverty by helping poor people improve their lives. Mothers with some education raise healthier families.
The project therefore seeks to establish education skeletal and the framework of basic education development program. The communities in living on the Island are around above 1000 families, these are mainly into fishing and some also have small live stocks of goats, pigs and sheep, and no specific education platform, so most of the children lose out on education opportunities. Therefore the Island requires a modern school with up-to-date facilities.

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This project proposes to enhance the basic education of children in mainly on Zzinga Island by building a permanent classroom structures for a good studying environment

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Project Goals

The objective of this project is to provide a school building and initiating the basic education of children on the Island and mobilize the surrounding communities for education. Heart to Heart Education services will offer education to the very poor, disadvantaged village community where other local NGO’s have failed to successfully establish schools in Wakiso district and encourage communities to use the school as a center for education and Christian ethics.
  1. To build a primary school building on Zzinga Island.
  2. To provide a dynamic education structure that presents education skills with Christian values.
  3. To equip the classrooms and office to required standards.
  4. To employ qualified and skilled teachers to teach in a unique curriculum that combine both the national secondary education standards and Christian principles.
  5. To educate each child as per his/ her unique needs.
  6. To meet national education standards.
  7. Demonstrate the desire to obtain and provide education.
  8. Willingness to recruit both boys and girls but encourage more girls to attend school as a vulnerable group.
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