Rescued from neglect

We rescue vulnerable children from deep neglect from slum areas of Kampala and Wakiso from 3 months upto 5 years.
Our Orphanages are in Kawaala, Kyeyo and on Zzinga Island.

We receive the kids when are very sick and malnourished. Their short lives had been full of incredible sadness and survival, not exactly what babies should be dealing with.

We thank God that our family is adding on members because of your support. May God Bless You.

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We have Three Orphanages in Kawaala, Kyeyo and On Zzinga Island.
The vulnerable kids are now part of a family that absolutely adores them, and they have a future that is filled with hope.</br>
Our Orphanages recently have received many babies months old whom need great care. We ask for your prayers and financial support that we give these babies a future hope.

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On 2nd February 2022 we received our second baby in the home we named Afooyo Gloria from Old Kampala police station. Gloria estimated around one and half years to two years was picked along Kabakanjagala Rd by a council from Justice centre who had seen her for a number of days by herself. She then took her to Old Kampala police station where we got her from. By the time we received her, she was all very dirty, with a very swollen stomach, her skin was full of cuts and wounds with some rash probably due to the circumstances she was exposed to. Gloria had all sorts of vices typical of children on the streets. She was so rough, abusive, fighting, teething, gearing among others. She was also challenged with communication. She could neither understand English nor Luganda which were the mode of communication in the home. We latter learnt that a certain lady claiming to be the mother stormed Old Kampala police station looking for her daughter. After the officer in charge of children questioning her, she claimed a friend brought her on the street to beg for survival. However, when asked about that friend who brought her on the street, the so called mother did not want to disclose the person but alleged that she had travelled back to Karamoja. This made me suspect that it could be the mother herself that brought her on the street to beg and kept monitoring her from a distance.

On the 7th March 2022 we received a baby girl about four to five months and named her Ayagala Tamara. She was abandoned on a verander of a one Nakawooya Mable a resident of Batanier zone in Ndeeba by unknown mother on 5th March 2022 at around 0300. She thereafter reported the case to Ndeeda police station in the company of her neighbor Nansubuga Hajara a Para social worker since she did not even have a phone. Given the condition of the baby and the fact that it was a weekend, they were requested to stay with the baby till Monday 7th when they handed over the baby to us from Katwe police station. By the time we received the baby, she was too weak to even cry, she was irritable, with a rash and looked very malnourished. It was very evident that she was not taken good care of and was starving.
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